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A PDF Copy of the "Just Us 2" collection.

Just Us 2 (PDF)

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  • Plays Included:

    Dream Girl - Matthew, an overworked and over-stressed individual takes an unexpected break, in 1920s New York!

    Lack of Inspiration - Max is a writer on a deadline and under a great deal of stress. So much so that he has created Jennifer, an imaginary muse to…encourage inspiration!

    Eggs in the Morning - Sam and Lisa had agreed their sleeping together was totally casual to protect their friendship. There would be no small talk, no cuddles and above all, no breakfast in the morning! Now, that’s about to change.

    Strangers and No Train - Bert has worked on the trains for most of his life only to be cast aside for a job that could be done by a signpost. He is feeling without purpose, until he meets Alice.

    I Blame the Parents - Mr Denterson has been a headmaster for many years and knows that parent/teacher meetings can be difficult. But when the parent in question is Medusa, it makes things a little more complicated.

    It’s not me… - Claire is trying to end her relationship with Kevin...but he's just not understanding her.

    Betrayal - Dr Catherine Kenworth finds herself face to face with former patient Siobhan who is wielding a gun and accusing her of stealing her family. Can Dr Kenworth talk herself out if it?

    The Making of us - People often say there are certain events that are the making of a relationship but what if you couldn’t tell when those events happened? What if you could just see isolated events with no knowledge of where those people were in their relationship story?

    The Good Seats - Louise & Kate have made it to their local pool for the first Saturday of the Summer, only to discover there's a new VIP area!

    This is It - Prequel to “My Moment”, which featured in my first play collection “My Chatter” - When Claire has news that one of her plays is making a debut in the West End she is thrilled and terrified all at the same time. Thank goodness she has her wonderful husband Tom to get her through it.

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