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A PDF Copy of the "My Chatter" collection.

My Chatter (PDF)

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  • Plays includes:

    The Meeting Rachel’s dream of having a producer want to produce one of her plays has finally come true thanks to her friend Simon but as they sit waiting for his arrival will things stay as happy?

    No More Tea - Derek is an avid tea drinker who likes things ‘just so’. So, imagine his reaction when going into a tearoom and finds they don’t have his kind of tea?

    Emotionless - David thinks his wife Mary is far too emotional and an embarrassment to him. So, to make him happy, she has her emotions removed!

    Good Boy? When Jenny brings her new man home, Twinkle (her dog) decides that he must go!

    After Happily Ever After - Prince Charming thought that after the story finished and the ‘Happily Ever After’ had been said he was set but apparently Princess has other ideas.

    The Basket Case - When ‘batty’ old Mrs Morris tells people that some men are trying to steal her shopping basket everyone dismisses her. But with the robbery from the jewellery shop next door and a mysterious new Russian doctor in the home where she lives, maybe there is more to this?

    Such a waste Brad (a rich college boy) thinks he’s god’s gift to women but he’s more than met his match with Jennifer!

    Scandals with Scones - A baking competition at a church fête. Nothing more harmless you’d think. Well as Jane (a newcomer to the village) is about to discover, you get a lot of scandals with the scones!

    Tidy Away my Soul - Alison wants nothing more than to sell her house and move on. However, the ghost of her husband is not happy about it!

    My Moment - Claire’s hard work as a writer (and her husband’s continual support) all comes together when she achieves her dream of being nominated for an Olivier award.

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