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29 Plays Later 2024

The Literal Challenge was something I discovered in February 2021 in the height of lockdown and quite honestly, it provided some much-needed relief from the daily dullness of being locked down. The aim of the challenge was to write a play a day for the month of February based on a set brief. I enjoyed the challenge so much I ended up creating my own challenges multiple times after, as well as completing this challenge a second time. Sadly in February 2024 the challenge was run for the last time and I knew I had to participate. This collection of pieces is the result.

(Reading copies of all scripts are available on request by emailing

February 1st


"All My Love, T.L.C"

Length:10 Minutes


Charlie finds himself in a bar responding to a love letter from a T.L.C. Maybe the barmaid can help him figure out the mystery behind the letter.


Teresa – A barmaid in her late 30s

Charlie – A man in his early 30s



“The kind of TLC Charlie receives is one I won't spoil. Suffice to say, he won't have much time to appreciate the lengths Teresa went to provide it. With deft skill, Rachel Feeny-Williams sets up a possible romantic get together with a long ago crush only to learn he sees things differently in memory than some others. The tension is palpable and the mystery deepens until just the right moment for everything to come crashing down on Charlie. Or maybe Charlie crashed down. Read it and see for yourself. Or better yet, produce it and watch.”

John Busser (New Play Exchange)

“A great little play that is not short on tension and intrigue. It engages the audience immediately and we are keen to see where this meeting in a bar leads. I'm looking forward to the next 28 plays from the creative genius of Rachel Feeny-Williams.”

Marilyn Olllett (New Play Exchange)

“Rachel Feeny-Williams makes the most of the "TLC" in the 28 Plays Later prompt, and we the audience, get to enjoy the results. This play is a wild ride filled with humor, uneasy tension and a payoff that I won't soon forget. A brilliant two-hander that I would love to see on stage."

Adam Richter (New Play Exchange)

“Charlie gets a whole hell of a lot more than he bargained for in responding to mysterious mash note. His exchanges with the bartender start out lighthearted and smug, but gradually darken as the possible identities of TLC are explored. Things build inexorably to a chilling conclusion in this gripping, powerful short.”

Paul Donnelly (New Play Exchange)

“Let Rachel Feeny-Williams lead you up the garden path of the twisty turns and bumpy roads of adolescence. Clever banter disguises the shadows lurking and even when you think you have all figured out, think again. Pointed and poignant.”

Claudia Haas (New Play Exchange)

“Holy hell! Rachel Feeny Williams comes out of the gate swinging! A wicked tale of comeuppance that makes you sit up and take notice. Vengeance is a dish best served with alcohol. Gripping take of wayward youth and the need for accountability.”

Christopher Soucy (New Play Exchange)

“WOW! It is amazing what a simple 28 Plays Later prompt like "TLC" will inspire in the twisted and brilliant mind of playwright Rachel Feeny-Williams. High school was a time of exploration and growth for some and harassment and trauma for others. A mysterious letter signed TLC sends one former jock down a path of memories both good and bad. Rachel's delightful use of clever banter will immediately draw an audience into the moments on stage. The slow and steady build will yield satisfying results to all who experience this fabulous short play.”

Debra A. Cole (New Play Exchange)

February 2nd

"I Got Your Number"

Image by Bethany Fidanzo
Hairdresser Tools

Length:10 Minutes


After almost 65 years of marriage, Mary and Derek have been summoned to The national departments for relationships and coupledom to discuss the future of their relationship.


Mary – A woman in her 80s

Derek – A man in his 80s

Shan’Nai – (Pronounced Shan-Neigh) A girl in her 20s


“As an old high school Math teacher, I can't resist plays about numbers. In "I got your Number," Mary and Derek's love for one another is questioned because, well, the numbers just don't add up. And obviously bureaucratic red tape can determine who can fall in love much more efficiently than mere people! A fun little ride!”

Rand Higbee (New Play Exchange)

“Rachel writes about relationships in a dystopian future so convincingly that I'm wondering what my 'number' is. An amusing short and a delightful vehicle for older actors (thank you!!) that would be great in a festival line up.”

Marilyn Ollett (New Play Exchange)

“Absolutely beautiful. What a lovely reminder of sacrifice and duty. Dare I say, “#couplegoals” with Rachel’s new dystopians short play? Audiences of all ages will connect with the fun piece.”

Debra A. Cole (New Play Exchange)

February 3rd

"My Ladies"

Length:10 Minutes


Angela, an at home hairdresser shares the events of her day and the ladies she shares it with.


Angela – A woman in her 40s




“Human connections bind us all, if we are lucky. Angela is the center of her community offering an ear, an advisor, a comedian, and a friend. What a fun piece for a seasoned actress.”

Debra A. Cole (New Play Exchange)

“A hairdresser's day turns from the most banal of celebrity gossip to the most human of interactions as we are reminded that we all connect in this world. A field day for a strong female-presenting actor.”

Wendy Vogel (New Play Exchange)

February 4th

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