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Contact & Pricing

Like all writers, I appreciate feedback so if you are interested in one of my pieces please contact me. I am happy to provide sample copies of a script for reading.

Licensing costs for recording/producing/performing my work is as below:


One off Audio Productions:

Short play (less than 15 pages) - £15

One Act Play - £25

Full Length Play - £45

For full length plays the cost is as below (dependant on audience capacity): 

100 and under – £15 per performance 

101 - 250 – £20 per performance 

251 - 350 – £25 per performance 

351 – 500 – £30 per performance 

500+ – £35 per performance

For any of the one act plays the cost would be 50% of the above but if people are doing more than one of my one act plays for multiple performances then I am happy to negotiate a lower price.

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