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I Blame the Parents


(15-20 Minutes)


Mr Denterson has been a headmaster for many years and knows that parent/teacher meetings can be difficult. But when the parent in question is Medusa, it makes things a little more complicated.

Cast: (1 Female & 1 Male)

Medusa Gorgon - Late 30s/40s - Wearing a dark green skirt suit and carrying a dark green handbag. She is also wearing tinted sunglasses. Her general appearance is one of a glamorous woman. Her hair is done up in a beehive and is in various shades of green. There are snake heads poking out from the hair here and there.

Mr Denterson - 40s - Headmaster of the school where Medissa (Medusa's daughter) attends.

Production History:


“A super spin on the Medusa myth. Easy to stage and great fun for the costume and lighting designer. Love how "ability" is interpreted and is all a matter of perspective. Cannot wait to see what happens when the daughter goes to university!”

Nora Louise Syran (New Pay Exchange)

“This clever updating of the Medusa myth skewers two subjects simultaneously and does so with great humor: Medusa herself, and parenting. Turns out the ancient Gorgon is also a helicopter parent. She's not only a nightmare for Perseus (who now holds a place in her heart and her foyer) but for the beleaguered school administrators who have to deal with less lethal iterations of her sort every damn day. This is a great two-hander that would be terrific for any 10-minute play festival, especially one centred on mythology. ”

Adam Richter (New Play Exchange)

“This silly two-hander is a costume designer's dream, filled with clever quips and mythology-inspired in-jokes that had me laughing out loud! This clever piece takes liberties and imagines the gorgon Medusa attending a parent-teacher conference. While comedic, the play is also an interesting interrogation into the challenges of empathic perspective-taking, touching on everything from disability accommodation to the way we teach history in schools. Who is really the "monster" in this situation, and is compromise possible? This is certainly a fun yet thought-provoking read!”

Aly Kantor (New Play Exchange)


I Figure It's Love


(15-20 Minutes)


Kayleigh finds herself in a psychiatric hospital admits a reluctant haunting by a ghost who's simply trying to get home to her love.

Cast: (2 Male & 2 Female)

Kayleigh - A girl in her late teens/20s

Miranda - A Ghost from 80s in her late teens/20s

Dr Jeffries - Dr in the psychiatric hospital, 40s

Thomas - Ghost of Miranda's boyfriend, late teens/20s

Production History:


“A sweet and funny tale that takes the living and the dead on a quest for lost love. I really enjoyed how the standard tropes of horror movies are gently subverted, and Feeny-Williams takes full advantage of the possibilities of pure theatre to represent the supernatural. It's laugh-out-loud funny and has a lot of heart."

Maximillian Gill (New Play Exchange)

“A love story told in an inventive and complex way, with great theatricality, this play is funny, sweet and ultimately warms the heart as love wins out over fear and medication. It should be produced!”

Bruce Karp (New Play Exchange)

“Even though the subject of this piece is a ghostly haunting, Rachel Feeny-Williams keeps it grounded in human emotions and relationships. This short play would be a great character study for young actors, and could be easily staged in most educational settings with minimal difficulty. A well-done, tightly structured work that has plenty of depth in a short amount of time.”

David Bareford (New Play Exchange)

“Witty, unusual and compelling. A joy to read and would love to see it some day.”

Henry Haurnet (New Play Exchange)

“This lovely piece would be wonderful on stage. SO MANY FANTASTICALLY physical moments to bring to life. RACHEL FEENY-WILLIAMS' gift of natural dialogue makes even an interaction with a ghost seem perfectly normal. Audiences will love this charming piece.”

Debra A. Cole (New Play Exchange)

If it fits.jpeg

If it Fits


(10-15 Minutes)


Jane has been walked over all her life by husband and boss but perhaps these new birthday shoes from her brother will change that?

Cast: (2 Males, 3 Female & 2 either)

Jane – a shy girl who’s never spoken up for herself.

Counter Girl -  Server in the coffee shop

Samantha – Jane’s Boss

Henry – Jane’s husband

Eric – Jane’s brother

Customer 1 

Customer 2 

Production History:

November 2021 - 3rd place winner in the Surfside Playhouse 10 Minute play competition


“Rachel Feeny-Williams’ play takes a beleaguered woman, Jane, who tries to please others and neglects her own self, and gives her the birthday gift of self-esteem, courage, and fortitude. “If It Fits” is one of those plays you just say, “Bravo! You go girl!” at the end. This is a fun play.”

Jack Levine (New Play Exchange)

“A piece that shows a great turn; a woman who takes charge of her life. The playwright sets up the situation in painstaking detail, and then cleverly uses the device of the shoes to show the metaphor of the change in the protagonist's situation.”

Ross Tedford Kendall (New Play Exchange)

“Feeny-Williams has written an empowering play about a woman who has simply had enough - enough of a husband who belittles her, (on her birthday, yet), and a boss who treats her like a dishrag. Go Jane! And, Jane's epiphany is explosive and well-earned, and would likely earn cheers from the audience. Hope it gets the production it deserves.”

Bruce Karp (New Play Exchange)

“Couldn't so many of us use the gift of red shoes! It is exhilarating to see Jane stop being a doormat and start speaking up for herself and taking charge of her life.”

Paul Donnelly (New Play Exchange)




(10-15 Minutes)


Kate doesn’t understand why she’s found herself locked up in an asylum, why was she covered in blood? Who is this girl Katie screaming in the next room? and why can no one hear what she is saying?

Cast: (3 Males & 2 Females)

Katie - Woman in her 20s

Kate - Woman in her 20s

Sam – Psychiatrist

2 x Orderleys

Production History:


“ NSIDE is a fascinating dramatic look at Multiple Personality Disorder. The device of multiple actors inhabiting the person and the other voices works beautifully here, and the story of abuse is slowly revealed both to us and to the psychiatrist unraveling the mystery of the fateful, horrific event that led to the hospitalization. A smart, emotionally-charged glimpse at mental illness told in a truly sympathetic and realistic way. Excellent!”

Andrew Martineau (New Play Exchange)

“What a wonderful play with roots in Three Faces of Eve, but working its own bit of magical, yet horrifying journey. Ferny-Williams gives us a short play that would make a welcome addition at any festival. There is that saying, you can't depend on anyone but your self. This play makes you understand why that may be at least for Katie.”

Lee R. Lawing (New Play Exchange)

“Dark and well-constructed. Feeny-Williams fills the space with mystery and intensity. Reading this piece filled me both with a longing to learn more about these characters and their past, and fear for the consequences of uncovering the truth. Yet still, the truth must be known. This would be excellent material for a skilled team to craft an absolutely shiver-inducing performance!”

Ky Weeks (New Play Exchange)




(20-30 Minutes)

*TRIGGER WARNING - Swearing & Violence


When Nick leaves home for London, seeking inspiration for writing the next big novel, he finds inspiration galore in the form of Jack Mckenny

Cast: (6 Males & 2 Females)

Nick (Narrator) - The narrator voice of Nick who remains in one space the whole way through.

Nick - The character of Nick representing the events that the narrator talks about. Nick is in his early 30s and a quiet/shy man who is desperate to make friends. Is very much a people pleaser.

Jack McKenner - A man in his 40s. Detective in the London police.

Matt - A man in his 30s, has an altercation with Jack

Detective Malone - A man in his late 30s. Detective in the London police.

Detective Dayton - A man in his late 30s. Detective in the London police Charlie - A homeless man in his early 50s.


Mrs Kretty - Nick’s landlady

Violet - A girl in her late teens/early 20s. Prostitute.

Production History:


"The inspiration and craft of Rachel Feeny-Williams are on full display in this taut thriller. In a compact, one-act play, she manages to deliver fleshed out characters, tension that never lets up, a plot that has us leaning in right up to the surprising ending. I loved the clever turns of phrase. I loved everything about this play. Really, really well done!”

Kim E. Ruyle (New Play Exchange)


“I read this in the style of film noir. Even if Rachel Feeny-Williams didn't intend it this way, that's the way I read it and it fit brilliantly. Rachel has a gift for the crime, police stories. She is a gifted writer no matter what, but I find her police/crime stories to be especially gripping. Inspiration is gripping, full of tension and mystery, and it truly is the full package tightly wound in a short script. This show is so twisty that I had to read parts of it a second time. A true testament to the twist genre!”

Joe Swenson

(New Play Exchange)

“INSPIRATION by Rachel lives up to it's title, the way this play is staged and having the lead character narrate his story while also acting it out is inspirational. You can't help but feel for Nick, from the very beginning you're on his side wanting to guide him in the big lights of London, then you're challenged by the arrival of Jack. What follows is a twist on the film Fight Club, but in the end you question fiction against the truth. A cleverly written play which would be captivating to watch!”

Christopher Plumridge (New Play Exchange)

interview terminated.PNG

Interview Terminated


(30-40 Minutes)

* TRIGGER WARNING - Violence & Swearing


DS Bourne & DS Williams thought they had seen it all but facing against Kelly they have to use all their skills to bring their man to justice.

Cast: (1 Male & 2 Female)

DI Bourne – 40 year old male with beard.

DS Williams – 30-35 year old woman.

Kelly – 19/20 year old girl

Production History:

April 2022 - Performed by Colwyn Abbey Players at the Wales One Act Play Festival

July 2021 - Produced as an Audio piece by Bartholomew Players of Oxfordshire, UK and later played as 'play of the week' on Box Office Radio


“Interview Terminated very much bought me back to my childhood, sat watching Tales of the Unexpected with my parents and the sting in the tail of Rachel Feeny-Williams' well crafted play very much lived up to the classic TV series. Great!”

Christopher Plumrdige (New Play Exchange)

“Really good short play, one location, three characters. Brilliant British dialogue that unfolds the story, not revealing too much too soon.”

Elisa Manzini (New Play Exchange)

“It would be too easy to call this mystery simply a British Law and Order, because the character development and timely revelations are handled deftly by Rachel Feeny-Williams. The realistic dialogue and story are a draw and this could well-anchor a night of one acts.”

D. Lee Miller (New Play Exchange)

its not me.JPG

It's Not Me


(10 Minutes)


Claire is trying to end her relationship with Kevin...but he's just not understanding her.

Cast: (1 Male & 1 Female) Both 30s



Production History:

August 2022 - Produced by "The Actors Cove" in London as part of their Showcase

July 2022 - Produced by "Worcester Park Dramatic Society" in Epsom as part of their Summer Production


“Claire is a fascinating character as she faces what she wants and what she doesn't want. KEVIN's pain is palpable as he tries to navigate this relationship that seems to be doomed from the start. Poor sweet, Kevin. RACHEL FEENY-WILLIAMS is a MASTER at getting to the heart of each character she writes."

Debra A. Cole (New Play Exchange)

"In this slick two hander Rachel takes the "it's not you, it's me, but it isn't me because it's actually you" break up scenario to a whole new level. I'm still not sure what Claires real reason is, and at the end of this I feel I am Kevin himself, well I certainly feel his pain! This will leave the the audience in a mild state of confusion and questioning her motives, which for this reader I love!”

Christopher Plumridge (New Play Exchange)

“Can we just give it up for Claire for walking out of her own place? I still want to know the "real" reason that led Claire to her decision. You can feel both of their frustration in this piece and it's a relatable topic that most of us have dreaded at some point in our lives. Great spin!”

Dana Hall (New Play Exchange)

It's Spring.jpg

It's Spring


(10-15 Minutes)


Spring has arrived and with it comes the first Annual Meeting of the Weathers, creating a sensory performance.

Cast: (4 Female & 4 Males)

Sun – A Bubbly woman with a prim and proper accent.

Moon – A young woman dressed all in white – When attempted to wake outside of night does snore very loudly.

Light Breeze – Giggly girly character

Snow – No lines – Mischievous young girl dressed in white with snowflakes.

Strong Winds – Brisk drill sergeant character .

Light Rain – Nasal excitable male character – Strong Winds second in command.

Heavy Rain – Depressing Tone – Birmingham accent.

Black Ice – No lines – Greaser type male all in black

Production History:


“I love the central concept of this piece - the weather collective gathering to discuss Spring into Summer plans. Lots of trademark Feeny-Williams humour as the weathers jostle for position and prominence. Each of them with a very distinct voice - I particularly enjoyed Light Breeze. A lovely interactive opening too, as the audience enter and are seated. ”

Maggie Gallant (New Play Exchange)

“ onderful ensemble piece full of bold moments, in-your-face staging, and really funny lines. Disparate personalities reflect the various emotional states of all sorts of climate--a real mix of strengths. (Answers a lot of questions about the peculiarities of the weather, actually.) Great fun!”

George Sapio (New Play Exchange)


It's Utterly Panto


(90-120 Minutes)


Pantomime Land finds itself in peril when the fairy stories they are based on are stolen by the evil Reality. So when Cinderella accuses Prince Charming of stalking her and Alice won’t follow the White Rabbit due to Stranger Danger there is only one thing to do. An unlikely group undertake a perilous to rescue the fairy stories and restore Pantomimes to their former glory.

Cast: (Principles - 6 Male & 9 Female)

Madam Storyteller – The keeper of all fairy tales and pantomime story. A kind old lady (fairy godmother like). Jack’s Aunt and Mad Dame’s sister. 

Jack – Principle boy, son of Mad Dame. Noble, helpful, loves the fairy tale world, is always helping his aunt.

Charity - Principle girl. Reality’s niece, believes fairy stories and pantomimes are good things. 

Cinderella – From the fairy story Cinderella. 

Genie – From the fairy story Aladdin 

Queen of Hearts – From the story Alice in Wonderland

Alice – From the story Alice in Wonderland 

Gretel/Goatel – From the fairytale Hansel and Gretel.

Goldilocks – From the fairytale Goldilocks and the three bears.

Reality – (Villain) A man from the ‘Real world’ who is tired of having his Christmas and New Year ruined by ludicrous stories that don’t make sense and thus is determined to make fairy tales (and thus pantomimes) more realistic. 

Mad dame – The woman who turns fairy tales into pantomimes, very crazy wacky wears mental costumes. Crazy Dame Acts all dames in all of the pantomimes therefore is very OTT, is also Jack’s mother.

Prince Charming – From the fairy story Cinderella. 

Aladdin – From the fairy story Aladdin

White Rabbit – From the story Alice in Wonderland

Hansel – From the fairytale Hansel and Gretel   


Can double has Hansel, Gretel and Goldlocks

Madam Storyteller’s assistants (Dancers)

Reality’s Henchmen

Fairytale Characters

Genies (Dancers)

Dame makeup assistant

Production History:

February 2015 - Performed by Carnon Downs Drama Group at Perran-ar-worthal Village Hall, Cornwall.


“Oh man. Panto stories are so much fun. The evil Reality steals (and edits!) a bunch of classic fairy tales, and Madame Storyteller and her friends have to confront him and set things right. The rewrites were a lot of fun and made some pretty good points (Cinderella DID only just meet the Prince - can that really be love? Following a stranger IS a very bad choice and maybe Alice should forget about that rabbit. The Genie DOES deserve benefits from their employer, etc.) This is some great fun, with songs and a happy ending to boot!”

Lisa Dellagiarino Feriend (New Play Exchange)

“ An enchanting collection of quirky characters. While Madame Storyteller delights in fairytales, pantomimes and happy endings, the evil villain, Reality, doesn’t. In fact, he’s determined to rewrite all the happy endings that Madame Storyteller has worked so hard to preserve. A fast-moving, attention grabbing play, sure to delight young audiences.”

Deb Meyer (New Play Exchange)


It's an Honour Mr Shakespeare


(10 Minutes)


David Tennant’s podcast latest episode of ‘David Tennant does a podcast with…’ is set to be a massive success when he finds out they’ve booked none other than William Shakespeare.

Cast: (2 Male)

David Tennant

William Shakespeare

Production History:

February 2022 - Produced by Talisman Theatre as an audio production on YouTube -


“This is quite wonderful. A brilliantly drawn clash of cultures, personalities and eras which is hilarious. The jousting of David Tennant as he interviews William Shakespeare is witty, well observed and carries great truths with it. Splendidly original, I can't recommend this highly enough. Loved it!”

Paul Smith (New Play Exchange)

“A lonely and embittered young man strikes up a friendship with the girl next door. It gives him joy and sustenance. As the friendship deepens he learns dark things about the young woman's life. Just as he attempts to rescue her, the darkest secret of all emerges and he is left to question everything that came before. A finely crafted portrait of young romance turned on its head with great skill.”

Paul Donnelly (New Play Exchange)

“A delightful 10-minute romp exploring an irresistible concept: what would happen if, on the most recent episode of David Tennant's podcast, he hosts THE William Shakespeare? And what if that Shakespeare (sorry, I mean William Shakespeare) were entirely unaware of the modern world, including technology, casting, or theatre companies named after him? A zippy, quippy piece that skewers the idea of elevating these plays when, as Tennant notes, they have taken on a whole new meaning to us today. Plenty of fun.”

Toby Malone (New Play Exchange)

“As a fan of both David Tennant and William Shakespeare, I was delighted with this piece! It's a hysterical and clever piece perfect for festivals. Highly recommend!”

Chelsea Frandsen (New Play Exchange)

“This is a fun play with an interesting concept of putting David Tennant and the REAL William Shakespeare together for a podcast. “It’s An Honour Mr Shakespeare” is a quick-paced, witty play by RACHAEL FEENY-WILLIAMS.”

Jack Levine (New Play Exchange)

justice for salem.png

Justice for Salem


(10-15 Minutes)

*TRIGGER WARNING - Violence & death.


Judge Stanton's day of judging women as witches takes a horrifying turn when Tabitha shows him what the consequences of his actions could be.

Cast: (3 Males & 3 Females)

Judge Stanton


Henry Mason - A villager

Catherine Stanton - Judge’s Wife

Abigail Stanton - Judge’s Daughter Tabitha

Production History:

May 2022 - Glass Splinters performed at The Pleasance Theatre, London.


“I love a strong woman in any play, and Tabitha fits the bill completely. Dark and powerful, I only wish it were THIS "simple" to change the minds of the evil and "righteous." WONDERFUL READ!”

Debra A. Cole (New Play Exchange)

"True evil gets its comeuppance! Wonderful to see! A terrific piece that feels both timely and timeless!”

Evan Baughfman (New Play Exchange)

“If we don't know our history, we're doomed to repeat it, right? And here, Feeny-Williams reaches back into the vile miasma that descended, cult-like, on the 'good' leadership of Salem, MA, who of course didn't invent the idea that independent-minded women *must* be witches - they had 1,000 years of evidence to 'prove' it. Feeny-Williams' fabulously ferocious TABITHA captures these judge and executioners' misbegotten piety, like a cat pinning down a mouse's tail. If you hate being at the mercy of neoconservative politicians, you will LOVE seeing this young woman flip the script. Bring popcorn.”

Rachael Carnes (New Play Exchange)

“The irony of a witch purging true evil from Salem is not lost here as Rachel Feeny-Williams shows us a creepy tale of a man getting shown the error of his ways in horrific fashion. This is definitely a drama, but there are hints of black humor here as the Judge gets his comeuppance. His line of "Evil will only flourish when good men do nothing!" is so darkly funny in the context of the play, you can't wait for the "good(???)" Tabitha to take a direct hand in matters. Eminently satisfying.”

John Busser (New Play Exchange)

“This is a very spooky and moody play. Perfect for a fall theatre festival. It has a message and a feeling of catharsis for women wronged by men over the centuries. Way to take power, the name!”

Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn

Lack of Inspiration.jpeg

Lack of Inspiration


(10-15 Minutes)


Max is a writer on a deadline and under a great deal of stress. So much so that he has created Jennifer, an imaginary muse that he is having an affair with to encourage inspiration.

Cast: (1 Male & 1 Female) - Both in 30s



Production History:


“A great rumination on the creative process and inspiration. The character Max and his foil Jennifer go back and forth over his play, all the while you learn about Max's personal life. A fine little play.”

Ross Tedford Kendall (New Play Exchange)

“I love the idea of this finely written play, it must be fun for the audience watching to try to figure out if Jennifer is real or not, a great tease! I really enjoyed reading it and would love to play the role of Max! A great little read and I thoroughly recommend it!”

Christopher Plumridge  (New Play Exchange)

“From where does a writer draw inspiration? If we depend on others for our inspiration, how creative are we, really? Pity poor Max who not only struggles with to complete his play, but he must also contend with seductive taunts from his muse. Is she real? Is she imagined? Rachel Feeny-Williams knows the truth and found her muse to write this clever play.”

Kim E. Ruyle (New Play Exchange)

Lady Sings.JPG

Lady Sings


(15-20 Minutes


Ms Black is new to the teaching profession and is feeling slightly underwhelmed as she struggles to connect to her students. Then she meets Billie Holiday (no relation), a student who is struggling through with an absent dad, a mother who flits in and out of love taking her daughter with her while all Billie wants to do is sing. Can the well-meaning Ms Black help Billie to have her moment in the spotlight?

Cast: (2 Female)

Billie Holiday - A 15 year old school student

Ms Black - Billie's well meaning school teacher, 30s


Production History:


“I really loved this play. Great characters and great circumstances. Feeny-Williams nails what it means to be a teacher and an artist. There is strong conflict as well as earned love between the two characters. Please read this play - so good!”

Dan Taube (New Play Exchange)

“LADY SINGS by Rachel Feeny-Williams is a powerful story that reminds us that adults have an incredible amount of influence on young people. As adults, we must be responsible and ensure that we are a *positive* influence. Like the character of Ms. Black, we should never give up on a young person and should be available to give advice and lend a hand even if they say they do not need our help. The characters are well written and became very real to me. Feeny-Williams has a wonderful skill in telling an engaging story with characters you will care about.”

Peter Anthony Fields (New Play Exchange)

“I am in awe of writers who can create a back story for a famous character in history, and Rachel does just this in superb fashion in LADY SINGS. Billie Holiday was such a precocious talent, gifted beyond her own knowledge. Most of us, if we're lucky enough, had a teacher or person in our early life who made such an impression on us that they helped to shape our future. I wonder what Ms Black would have made of 'Strange Fruit'? Rachel Feeny-Williams at her best. ”

Christopher Plumridge (New Play Exchange)

“As someone who ADORES Billie Holiday, this short play by RACHEL FEENY-WILLIAMS is a true treat. I had the opportunity to recently read for the young Billie inspired character in our weekly playwriting group. It is a endearing love letter to overcoming adversity and following your dreams. The message? Beautiful. The tribute to teachers all over the world? Dead on. Thank you, Rachel.”

Debra A. Cole (New Play Exchange)


Last Call Christmas
(10-20 Minutes


Sadie has not experienced 'the most wonderful time of the year' as far as Christmas is concerned, but is the stranger in her bar on Christmas Eve about to change all that?

Cast: (2 Female & 2 Male)

Sadie – A barmaid in her late teens/early 20s, hates Christmas, American.
Marnie – Sadie’s mother from the past, in her 20s, American.
Chris 2 – Chris from the past, in his 30s.
Chris – A drunk man in his 50s, loves Christmas, British.


Production History:


“Amazingly inspired play about an absentee father who comes back years later and well, it seems he had a good excuse! A deceptively simple play that turned out to be very thought provoking. The author expertly juxtaposes the two time frames -- past and present -- into a smooth tale for the audience. Very different from the usual Christmas fare. I liked it.”

Melissa Milich (New Play Exchange)

“A nice little piece of Christmas cheer! Although I sort of guessed where we were headed early on, it was still a moving journey and an effective little character study from the elements that were used. A good little piece of magic realism combined with a little bit of melancholy... isn't that the makeup of many good holiday stories? This is certainly another good holiday story in that vein, to be sure. Recommended!”

Brent Alles (New Play Exchange)

“If this doesn’t get you in the holiday mood, I don’t know what will. I had an inkling of where the story was going, but Rachel Feeny-Williams still managed to come up with a surprise or two. What isn’t surprising is how well told and moving this lovely short play is. This is pure RFW, meaning it’s the perfect gift for the season! Cheers!”

Morey Norkin (New Play Exchange)

Let's Dance.JPG

Let's Dance


(5 - 10 Minutes)


Alice and James share a heartfelt moment for the first time in ten years at their father’s funeral.

Cast: (1 Male & 1 Female) - Both 30s




Production History:

October 2022 - Performed by The Actors Cove as part of their pro actor's showcase in London.


“The things we neglect saying... or doing... are considered in this tight, thoughtful, and ultimately touching play. Alice and James (brother and sister) share disappointment and discovery in their all too brief moment together after their father's funeral. Wonderful storytelling. Brava! Highly recommended.”

John Kelly (New Play Exchange)

“There is nothing like death to uncover things that haven't been known. Family relationships can come to a head at these times and in this short play Rachel Feeny-Williams expertly plays out a vignette between a brother and sister which brings them and their deceased father closer together. There is great depth here and clever writing. It works a treat!”

Paul Smith (New Play Exchange)

“What a lovely surprise to dig deep into the RACHEL FEENY-WILLIAMS archives to find the touching gem. This poignant short play reminds us that family, no matter how messed up, can be a soft place to land when needed the most. RACHEL’S gift of witty banter and beautifully uncovering family trauma in a very short amount of pages is priceless.”

Debra A. Cole (New Play Exchange)

“The finality of losing a family member becomes the catalyst to mourning lost opportunities and personal disappointments and yet, in that sombre moment of loss, a discovery is made that reminds Alice and James about the power of familial connections.”

Mike Solomonson (New Play Exchange)

“This piece depicts a sweet moment between siblings during their father's funeral. Feeny-Williams has developed two believable characters where the dialogue and scenario ring true. James, believing all his life his father disapproved of him, is now able to make peace after realizing this wasn't the case at all. For many of us, finding out what our parents thought of us as adults is bittersweet and often comes too late when we can no longer have a conversation. LET'S DANCE is a poignant short play that gives us a glimpse into the life of a complicated family.”

Debbie Lamedman (New Play Exchange)

Let's Not Talk About it.JPG

Let's Not Talk About It


(15 - 20 Minutes)


Jack and Maria find themselves in a bizarre situation, in a pub where no alternative opinions are allowed!

Cast: (2 Male & 3 Female)

Jack – Tourist from London in his 30s

Bernie – Farmer in his 40s

Ron – Farmer in his 40s

Henry – Farmer’s Assistant in his 20s

Maria – Jack’s Girlfriend & Tourist from London in her 30s

Sarah – Barmaid in her 20s

Louise – Stay at home mum in her 30s

Katie – Primary school teacher in her 30s

Ms Hale – Landlady in her late 40s

Production History:

16th & 17th June 2023 - Live Production  performed by Chacewater Players of Chacewater, Cornwall, UK.


“I had the ABSOLUTE pleasure of hearing this performed at our weekly Sunday meeting so the Literary and Discourse Society. SUCH A FABULOUS piece with so many wonderful opportunities for performers. I love a piece that start with the prompt, "What if...?" Pubs are normally a place for lively discussions and opinions, but not this one. It takes two strangers to "shake the joint up!" RACHEL FEENY-WILLIAMS is a true gift.”

Debra A. Cole (New Play Exchange)

“A terrific setup for a piece about stifling creative discourse, this play lets some colourful characters find their way back to social interaction in the best possible way, at the pub! With friends! I think the word that describes this play best is... cathartic. Read it yourself and see. Of course, that's only my opinion. Your mileage may vary. Which is precisely the point.”

John Busser (New Play Exchange)

“I love a play with set in a world with crazy rules. Rachel Feeny-Williams has done just that with hilarious results. What a fun piece for actors.”

Julie Zaffarano (New Play Exchange)

​“What a fun romp of a play, this is! With a cast of colourful characters and two woebegone travellers, the audience is in for a real treat visiting this English pub with an odd set of rules for patrons. Feeny-Williams clearly is having a good time telling this tale, and her humour and banter make for a delightful short play. Would love to see this on stage! Terrific piece!”

Debbie Lamedman (New Play Exchange)


Life Choices


(15 - 20 Minutes)


The female students of Jovial James High School are about to finish high school and believe they have all their choices laid out before them. Unbeknownst to them, all of that is about to change.

Cast: (5 Female & 1 Male)

Mrs Hayes – Headmistress of Jovial James High School, Late 30s/40s

Ms Hines – Representative from ‘Life Choices Inc.’

Jennifer – A High school student about to graduate.

Melissa - A High school student about to graduate.

Amelia - A High school student about to graduate.

1 x Security guard – Large and formidable – Non-speaking

Production History:


“Oh.... what a twisted future we will have in the hands of RACHEL FEENY-WILLIAMS unless we all start paying attention. isn't RACHEL who will be causing this chaos, but in a world where we are constantly deciding who has rights and who doesn't, LIFE CHOICES is a true cautionary tale. VOTE. FIGHT. SPEAK.”

Debra A. Cole (New Play Exchange)

“As if governments aren’t already doing too much to control women’s lives, here comes the Life Choices initiative! Yikes! Rachel Feeny-Williams has created one scary and disheartening prospect for young females graduating high school. Although it’s left unsaid, one has to assume that the guys get to make their own life choices. This play will get your blood boiling and leave audiences taking!”

Morey Norkin (New Play Exchange)

“A powerful piece that has multiple layers to it. What initially begins as a 1984-esque play about how controlling the government can be, transitions into a play that shows how our lives can change based on the cards we dealt. I would love to see this play performed as it would certainly get audiences talking!”

Ryan Kaminiski (New Play Exchange)

Line's Drawn.JPG

Line's Drawn


(Suitable for Youth Production)

(5 Minute Sketch)


Following the unforgivable act of holding hands with another girl, the playground court is in session.

Cast: (2 Females & 2 Males) - All Children that can be played by either children or adults





Production History:

May 2022 - Produced as an audio production for YouTube -


“How sweet! This short play about the power of an apology (and the unforgivable act of telling one girl you like her and then holding another girl's hand) would be a fun opportunity for actors. One girl decides to handle things the grown up way (COURT!) while another girl thinks a different grown up way is best. Not all grown up ways are created equal - a good lesson.”

Lisa Dellagiarino Feriend (New Play Exchange)

“This is a delightfully sweet play that explores the "tough controversies" facing elementary school kids on the playground. Feeny-Williams has created a fun piece that would give an adult actor an opportunity to really let their inner child loose. This play is a real treat!”

Neil Radtke (New Play Exchange)

love that burns.PNG

Love That Burns


(15-20 Minutes)


Even as Bobby Ray lies in a hospital bed, recovering from heart surgery, he still can't get out of his head the woman that stood as the flame for him for many years, much to his daughter's dismay.

Cast: (4 Males & 3 Female)

Bobby Ray – Bobby Ray Tempesta in the current time - A man in his 60s

Young Bobby Ray – Plays Bobby Ray throughout his past memories

Fire Marshall

Jack – None spoken – Singing voice

Carla – Bobby & Flora’s daughter – A woman in her 20s

Flora – Plays Flora through the memories and in present day

Flora’s Mother

Production History:


“Rachel has taken a difficult story and created a stunningly visual short play full of the strongest emotions, heartbreak, loss and moody jazz.
I want to emphasise this writers skill in creating multiple sets on one stage, sets across space and time, effortlessly merging into each other. As a sometimes producer myself, I appreciate how, especially in this play, each zone of the set has been simply and effectively described, the results would be stunning. I would love to stage LOVE THAT BURNS. ”

Christopher Plumridge (New Play Exchange)

“After reading this powerful short play full of family trauma and fire, I need to now go and experience the music that inspired it. In a very short amount of time, RACHEL FEENY-WILLIAMS paints a world that is full of passion and pain. My heart aches for love that just cannot be.”

Debra A. Cole (New Play Exchange)



(Relationship Comedy)

(10 - 15 Minutes)


Maggie has given up on the 'luck of the draw' when it comes to dating and now wants to help others find love. Henry is one such person looking for his dream girl.

Cast: (1 Female & 1 Male) - Both 20s/30s



Production History:


“Internet dating can be a minefield, then your 'someone' just walks through the door....This is a fun short two hander by this prolific author. I particularly enjoyed Maggie's awkwardness at the beginning, which would be great for an actress to have fun with. Personally I'm happy to be married and off the 'market'!”

Christopher Plumridge (New Play Exchange)

“This is such a lovely and cute two-hander where we see two strangers just looking for love come together in an unexpected way. I was rooting for Henry and Maggie from the beginning!”

Molly Wagner (New Play Exchange)

Meaning well.PNG

Meaning Well


(5-10 Minutes)


For some women, coming home to find your husband making you dinner would be a dream but Claire is just praying it doesn’t become a nightmare!

Cast: (1 Male & 1 Female) - Both in 30s



Production History:

October 2022 - Performed by The Actors Cove as part of their pro actor's showcase in London.


“This is such a sweet and loving story! The ending is my favourite part!”

Robin Berl (New Play Exchange)

“This romantic comedy by Rachel Feeny-Williams is delicious. Dan is cooking dinner for his wife Claire, who's had a bad day at work. Or is he? Could Dan be putting on a clever show? Feeny-Williams certainly is, and it's a show with a very satisfying ending. Audiences will eat it up.”

Peter Dakutis (New Play Exchange)

“Those "famous cooking people" can't compete with Dan! Or can they? This is a delightfully clever play in which the action takes place offstage as much as it does onstage. It's fun to see Claire become more tightly wound as each scene progresses -- it makes the payoff that much more delicious!”

Nathan Christopher (New Play Exchange)

“We had the pleasure of hearing this read at a weekly playwright's group, and it was a true delight. It's hard to release control. It's hard to trust. But sometimes, the results can be magical. A great reminder for humans to give a little grace and room for new things. RACHEL FEENY-WILLIAMS truly understands the art of dialogue... and the give and take that is needed. ”

Debra A. Cole (New Play Exchange)

meet my bf.PNG

Meet My Boyfriend


(10 Minutes)


Hannah is facing the nervousness of having her parents meet her boyfriend for the first time. But in this case there is something she hasn’t told them that could make things a bit…complicated.

Cast: (2 Male & 2 Female)

Hannah – A woman in her mid-20s

Marie – Hannah’s Mother

Gerald – Hannah’s Father

Michael – Hannah’s Boyfriend

Production History:

July 2023 - Worcester Park Dramatic Society, Epsom, UK - Live production as part of Summer show.


“In this very clever play, Rachel Feeny-Williams examines how society views “others,” and she chooses a very unusual group to identify as the “others.” In doing so, she allows strong comic elements to support the more serious point of the play. A story that leaves you with something to think about and provides some real laugh out loud moments along the way.”

Morey Norkin (New Play Exchange)

“A play to engage meaningful conversement. RFW once again finds the humanity in our fears and creates characters who challenge to protect what and who they are--and are challenged because of what they choose to think.”

George Sapio (New Play Exchange)

“A piece that I read and hoped there was more. I really liked the Mum especially. I feel in time she's going to find herself a 'new human of her own'! Sometimes its better to ask for forgiveness than permission....? But we all want the approval of our parents - even when we don't agree with any of their ideals. Took a humorous perspective of a key human need - approval.”

Lindsey Brown (New Play Exchange)

“Meeting the parents is always nerve racking experiences, but when faced with intense prejudice it is unbearable. Luckily, Rachel Feeny-Williams deftly navigate the scene with humor and wit.”

Christopher Soucy (New Play Exchange)

“What a pleasure it was to experience this short play at the Sunday Literary & Discourse Society gathering. Difference religion, different race, or different species, fathers sadly do not accept their daughters choice in a partner sometimes. This creative piece speaks to differences and the prejudices that come as part of the family package.”

Debra A. Cole (New Play Exchange)

“I had the great honour to read the character of Micheal in this Sunday's virtual reading. This is a very lovely play. I love the fantastical elements. Yet, the play was very grounded in reality. This gave this play the ability to give digestible commentary on social issues that are very prevalent today, and in every time period of the world. The characters are fun and relatable. I would definitely recommend a read!”

Ethan Homeyer (New Play Exchange)

“Lovely characters. Love the strength in the Mother. This piece has many clever things to say about the society of today, covers the points of view and makes me wanna hard slap the Father character. A fine ending and like a good Star Trek episode, leaves hope for our future!”

Richard Kuhlman (New Play Exchange)

“It's a delightful twist on the most potentially awkward moment in a young couple's life. Parents meeting the new person can be such a minefield in "normal" circumstances, but Feeny-Williams' creative take here is just plain fun. It's an allegory for anyone who has to deal with judgemental parents. Well done!"

Francis Boyle (New Play Exchange)




(15-20 Minutes)


Andrea's son Jamie is missing and she is convinced the strange girl and her mother who live round the corner are responsible.


Andrea - Early 40s. Jamie’s mother.

Meg - About 11

Hannah - Mid 30s. Meg’s mother.

Jamie - About 11

Officer Cannock - A police officer in his early 30s.

Detective Cray - A police inspector in his late 40s

Production History:

6th-8th July 2023 - Live Production, Next Generation Theatre, Cullompton, Devon, UK.

26-26 May 2023 - Live Production, Interlochen Center for the Arts, Michigan, USA


“This is not the story I thought it was going to be... at all. Rachel Feeny-Williams has created a true, thrilling masterpiece with engaging dialogue and enough twists and turns to keep any reader wanting more. I think one of my favorite parts about this horror play is that we never truly know what exactly happened to Andrea and Jamie. We don't really get to know why, we just learn that this event did happen and we are left to put the pieces together ourselves. Brilliant work! A Must read for any horror fans!”

Cole Hunter Dzubak (New Play Exchange)

“In MEG, the author has found a unique and unusual way to tell a chilling story and successfully brings it to life. We see Andrea 'helping' the police with their enquiries along with a series of clever flashbacks, slowly they uncover the truth, well some of the truth....genuinely creepy, and as usual with this writer, you are left wanting more....”

Christopher Plumridge (New Play Exchange)

“A police procedural mixed with the macabre. Jamie, moved from his home to a new location, finds a friend in a young girl down the block, then goes missing. The police seem to think something else is going on, but Andrea is resolute in her belief that something outside has been at work. A riveting tale of human fears and the supernatural. Perfect for evenings of scary theatre!”

George Sapio (New Play Exchange)




(Short Version: 15-20 Minutes)

(Long Version: 45-60 Minutes)

*TRIGGER WARNING - Violence, swearing & murder.


DS Hale is on the trail of the most evasive serial killer of her career with no leads. Will Amelia, the woman with the mind of a child be able to open doors? It’s a race against time to unlock her memories.


Short Version: (5 Male & 2 Female)

DI Grierson (Jack) – Surly male inspector in charge.

DC Kent

DC Southern

DC Devon

Desk Sergeant Kyte

Dr David Hanover


DS Hale (Louise) – Lead on the case Amelia Hanover

Long Version: (9 Male & 3 Female)

Dr Hannover


DC Kent

DC Southern

DI Grierson

DC Devon

Mr Lyons

Desk Sargent



DS Hale


Production History:


“Memory is a satisfyingly complete detective tale for the stage in 16 pages and seven scenes with its first focus on the detectives, including a woman second in command struggling with chauvinist boss. But by the end there is a shift and the play’s probing searchlight turns on perpetrator and family and emphasis on original macabre twists within the professional classes and scientific medical hubris. This is a well-plotted police procedural with all the elements in place of recognisable tropes, strong characters and red herrings before the surprise ending with an underestimated puppet mistress bringing the criminal to justice.”

Alice Josephs (New Play Exchange)

“MEMORY by Rachel Feeny-Williams is a tight and wonderfully written crime procedural. It is a fit mystery as it follows detectives on the hunt for a serial killer who get an unexpected lead. MEMORY fits so much plot into its short length that it tricks your own memory into remembering it as a much longer. It does so in such a skillful way that the play doesn't seem overburdened or convoluted. The detectives, particularly DS Hale, are very well written and believable. This would be a fantastic addition to any night of mysteries.”

Robert J. LeBlanc (New Play Exchange)

“Playwright Feeny-Williams constructs a suspenseful, taut little thriller/procedural with this piece. A nice little genre play for a themed festival, or any festival where you want to shake things up or end on a bang.”

Ross Tedford Kendall (New Play Exchange)

“An exciting police procedural with a dynamite ending. Moves quickly and cleverly--this would be a truly fun play for an audience who loves mysteries!”

George Sapio (Surfside Playhouse)

“A taut, condensed police procedural which a number of us heard live at a Zoom reading recently, and enjoyed enough to recommend it be expanded. The ins and outs of dealing with police hierarchy play against the urgency of a case involving a serial killer who may be tracked by the cryptic clues of a woman apparently with the brain of a damaged child.”

Martin Heavisides (New Play Exchange)

“RACHEL FEENY-WILLIAMS is one of my favourite playwrights. “Memory” is a gem and has interesting characters and plot. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this play and think it has the potential to be expanded to a full-length play.”

Jack Levine (New Play Exchange)

“Rachel Feeny-Williams has expanded her fascinating deep dive into anamnesis and crime scene investigation into a fuller, more detailed one act play, adding some heartbreaking background details as well as a few key characters, and it is just as exciting and provocative as her earlier 10-minute, leaving the reader (and/or audience member) sated – which is pretty much what a good police procedural should do. Good show!”

Doug DeVita (New Play Exchange)

“I am convinced Rachel Feeny-Williams should be writing for television series. The ideas are endless and the way the clues unfold in this story, it’s brilliant. Rachel will write the next great detective series! I predict it here!”

Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn (New Play Exchange)

“The end of this show carries a sudden and new tension for me, the kind that can spawn future entries in a detective series after a prodigy of sorts is revealed. It's a nice refutation of the original sexist point a character makes. Feeny-Williams writes well and often, putting out shorts faster than I could ever dream of. Here she showcases her skills at a longer format. One recommendation says she'd be great at television writing. On a similar note, I'd love to spend a night at the theatre filled with her detective works.”

Jarred Corona (New Play Exchange)




(15-20 Minutes)


For Sophie, that day was a day like any other. Little did she know how wrong she was. Finding herself kidnapped and imprisoned by Maggie (a woman who claims Sophie is her missing daughter) Sophie realizes that if she is not careful she will be trapped in this woman’s delusion forever.

Cast: (3 Female) 

Sophie – 14 years old– Initially dressed in a school uniform with earrings and a gold heart necklace round her neck. She has make up with her hair down. Later she is in a pink frilly little girl’s dress with ankle socks, black shoes, no make up and hair in bunches.

Marianne – Early 40s – Sophie’s mother – Wears jeans and a top with a light cardigan over the top.

Maggie – Late 40s  – Believes she is Sophie’s mother as her own child was taken from her when she was young and the child died – She is dressed in a simple yellow ‘housewife’ style dress and white apron with her hair up under a yellow head band. She puts on a sky-blue coat when she goes out. When she kidnaps Sophie she wears a black coat, ties up her hair and wears a white face mask.

Production History:


“Absolutely breathtaking. So amazing. This is how you put thrillers on stage. The staging is brilliant with having both homes on stage on once. These characters give three actresses so much to work with and allows them all to shine. This show is so creepy yet there is such a realistic sense behind it. Sophie is such a great character and I hope I can see this show live or work on it some day because this show is truly a work of theatre.”

Cole Hunter Dzubak (New Play Exchange)

“Right from the description of the characters this play had me gripped. The set is described perfectly and you can clearly see it being staged, I like the touch of having both houses visible at the same time with the void between. This could easily be adapted to a full length play, such are the depth of character and story, but stands up brilliantly as it is. Excellent!”

Christopher Plumridge (New Play Exchange)

“I was completely drawn in by this compact and creepy tale that is a timely look at obsessive delusion. How do you reason with the unreasonable? With someone who can’t distinguish between reality and fantasy no matter how many facts are presented? Who is willing to do anything to keep her illusions? Talk about scary! Plus great roles for female actors!”

William Triplett (New Play Exchange)


Monday's Child


(Suitable for Youth Production)

(10-15 Minutes)


Mrs Lennox is preparing her class for their performance of the poem "Monday's Child" with some 'interesting' interpretations.

Cast: (4 Male & 4 Female)

Mrs Lennox

Heather - Monday’s Child

Lindsey - Tuesday’s Child

Jack - Wednesday’s Child

Malcolm - Thursday’s Child

Sam - Friday’s Child

Sarah - Saturday’s Child

Henry - Sunday’s Child

Production History:

19-20 May 2023 - Live Production, KATS Production, Addlestone, UK​


“As a retired teacher and playwright, I loved every second of this delightful chaos! RACHEL takes a classic poem and shows how it can go wrong in so many innocent and precious ways. THIS should be produced by a primary school for parents to enjoy. JUST LOVELY.”

Debra A. Cole (New Play Exchange)

“I howled! For any teacher who has neglected to give their charges (and their parents) clear costume instructions or not had the time to actually teach what they're meant to produce in public, I felt for the teacher in this lovely short piece by Rachel Feeny-Williams. But then I felt for every student too. That's the sign of a super piece. Great fun!”

Nora Louise Syran (New Play Exchange)

“MONDAY’S CHILD is an adorable short play with roles perfect for children, although adults playing these parts would be fun, too. Centered around a children’s poem, Rachel Feeny-Williams has included wonderful adult-level humor (and some important life lessons) that will keep audience members of all ages entertained. I would love to see this performed!”

Enid Cokinos (New Play Exchange)

“Poor Mrs. Lennox has to maintain an appropriate professional and nurturing demeanour in the face of some overly literal and some non sequiturish costuming choices made by her young charges. The kids are realistic and endearing and this play is quite charming.”

Paul Donnelly (New Play Exchange)

“I loved the children's interpretations of their respective lines in the play. Even not knowing what a word means (woe) results in a wonderfully skewed adaptation of the line into a costume that leads to clumsily learning what the word really means. Rachel Feeny-Williams gives us a little treat here and I'm wondering if it would be better with actual children in the roles or adults playing at children (as Feeny-Williams gives directors the option). Both ways would lead to some great comic possibilities.”

John Busser (New Play Exchange)


Mother Knows Best


(15-20 Minutes)


Richard (Dickie) has lived under the shadow of his formidable mother Rosemary and her rules all of his life but when the former love of his life Charlotte arrives on the day of her funeral to convince him she’s not haunting him anymore, she has something to say about it!

Cast: (1 Male & 2 Female)

Richard (Dickie) – Late 30s. A timid and nervous individual.

Charlotte – Mid-30s. Richard’s ex-girlfriend from five years ago.

Rosemary – 70s. Richard’s mother

Production History:

January 2023 - Audio Production by Theatrical Shenanigans Podcast (

October 2022 - Live Production by Exton Drama Club, UK


“What do the British do as soon as they have passed away? They have a nice cup of tea of course! In this funny, dark humoured ghost story, Rachel has cleverly avoided the cliche storyline and thrown all three of her characters into the pot to fight it out. This would be great fun to stage. Another clever and fun play from this prolific playwright!”

Christopher Plumridge (New Play Exchange)

“ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL! Audiences are going to LOVE this short play! RACHEL is always a master at natural, fast-paced, and humorous dialogue. BRAVO!”

Debra A. Cole (New Play Exchange)

“When should a mother let go? When must she let her son live her own life? Never, according to the character of Rosemary. A lovely humorous piece that pushes a son to the extreme. Great relationships between mum and the ex girlfriend too. I hope she does burn that chair!”

Lindsey Brown (New Play Exchange)

“A fun little comedy about afterlife and death and keeping traditions in the English way. Rachel Feeny-Williams does no wrong here as a Mother and girlfriend fight it out for the attention of a son/boyfriend who's a bit shaken and stirred by his Mother's interference, seeing as it comes after her funeral. With fast paced dialogue and an offbeat plot, this one is a winner. And for an added treat, listen to it on Rachel's brand new Theatrical Shenanigans Podcast like I did!”

John Busser (New Play Exchange)

“A boy and his mother can create a bond that is sometimes misunderstood and sometimes one of other-worldly force. Heard this delightful play read on Rachel's podcast and what a wonderful job the cast did.”

Lee R. Lawing (New Play Exchange)


Musicals to My Ears


(5-10 Minutes)


Welcome to this week's episode of "You know way too much about that!". This week Janet and her passion for musical theatre is tested to potentially in $25,000

Cast: (1 Male & 1 Female)

Donald J Jay - Cheesy American gameshow host, 40s.

Janet - Contestant, American 40s.

Production History:


“Musicals, game shows, and comedies… these are a few of my favourite things! And Rachel Feeny-Williams has combined them into one hilarious, high energy short! If they haven’t already, the audience will certainly be moved to join in the finale. I know I would! Pure fun!”

Morey Norkin (New Play Exchange)

“How can I resist a play where the person breaks into musical lyrics and annoys all the Donalds around her and we've all known a few Donalds in our life. When the spirit hits you, you've got to sing and Janet does just that. Anyone into the musical art form will appreciate this play so much and may even want to break into a song or two as they read it, can I hear a yay to Wicked!”

Lee R.Lawing (New Play Exchange)

“EVERY Broadway musical lover will ADORE this infectious short play... or should I say... musical by RACHEL FEENY-WILLIAMS. She takes all my personal favorite shows and treats us to clever mashup with a very knowledgeable game show contestant. My biggest question is... How do I sign up to BE the next contestant? READ THIS AND SMILE.”

Debra A. Cole (New Play Exchange)

father is.PNG

My Father Is...


(10-20 Minutes)


Meeting your girlfriend's parents is always a nerve wracking experience but will Ken be able to get through the lunch and his girlfriend's 'interesting' father.

*Prequel to "Family is Family"

Cast: (5 Male & 2 Female)


Caroline – Maria's Mother

Ken – Maria's Boyfriend

William – Maria's Father

Bobby – Thug 1

Benny – Thug 2

Harold – A man who owes

Production History:


“There’s no doubt that Marie’s father is interesting, unusual even. MY FATHER IS… is a delightful and funny play. I couldn’t help but laugh, groan, and watch the events unfold through my fingers as poor Ken meets his girlfriend’s family and the big secret comes to light. (And to Ken’s credit, he handles it remarkably well.) There’s something so funny about how blasé everyone else is. Great situational humor and quick pacing—this play is sure to be a hit.”

Sasha Karuc (New Play Exchange)

“An absolute gem of a play, skillfully balancing humor, tension and multiple surprises. Brilliantly constructed from start to finish, and great fun!”

Rich Rubin (New Play Exchange)


My Friend


(25-40 Minutes)


School is a nightmare for Becky as she is bullied and tormented every day. All she wants is to find a friend but she soon learns that you should be careful what you wish for.

Cast: (6 Female)


Katelyn Rider

Alison Jenkins

Amelia Stanford



Production History:


“This is a Twilight Zone/horror play for pre-teen/teen performers! A creepy story about a crocheted golem made to protect a young girl from her bullies. It also touches on the mental anguish a child can feel from isolation and constant harassment from their peers. A fun show to design and for student performers to really go all out with!”

Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn (New Play Exchange)

“Maybe I'm a bad person, but this play made me want to take up knitting. What formerly bullied adult child would want a friend like Kathy? She's supportive, loyal, and a very clear communicator. And damn does she get results! Bullies are so often delineated into brutish boys or mean girls. Feeny-Williams reminds us that the mean girls can be just as physically brutal. She illustrated the scholastic pecking order with sharp accuracy before, shall we say, correcting it. Creepy, suspenseful, and gleefully horrific, MY FRIEND has great roles and requires an innovative director to pack maximum punch! ”

Scott Sickles (New Play Exchange)

“Absolutely, spine-chillingly, wonderfully, creepy."My Friend" is a fantastic tale of the consequences of bullying, and the tragedy that occurs when the bullied finds a way to strike back in the only way she knows. Rachel Feeny-Williams does so much with atmosphere and staging that this would be a director's and actor's dream to put on stage. Bravo!”

Adam Richter (New Play Exchange)

“RACHEL FEENY-WILLIAMS has once again written a meaningful, interesting, and cleverly written play, “My Friend”. It is a moving piece with intense emotions and delves into the issue of bullying. I always enjoy reading and watching Rachel’s plays. This one is another one of her gems.”

Jack Levine (New Play Exchange)

“Creepy...relatable....and just plain messed up,Rachel Feeny-Williams has done it again! I had the pleasure of hearing this as a part of the Sunday Literary & Discourse Society gathering. Feeny-Williams has such an effortless way of creating tension and the right amount of anxiety is a short piece. Audiences will adore this creative piece.”

Debra A. Cole (New Play Exchange)


My Friend Annie



(5 Minutes)


Doll Annie has been a friend to Alice, her mother Olivia and her mother before her. So now she wants to tell people about it.

Cast: (1 Female)

Annie - A rag doll who belonged to Alice, her mother and her grandmother

Production History:


“MY FRIEND ANNIE by Feeny-Williams really tells a beautiful story from an fresh new perspective. We all had that 'hand me down' toy as a child, repaired and re-patched no doubt, but to give that toy life is a lovely idea. This is a heart-warming monologue and would be a lovely piece for a young actress to perform.”

Christopher Plumridge (New Play Exchange)

“Sweet nostalgia rushes over me as I read this delightful piece. Annie is more than a doll she is the comfort and love of generations before. What a lovely perspective! Thank you Rachel - well done BRAVA!”

Dana Hall (New Play Exchange)

“Oh, how I love a good life story. (Especially one that's a page and a half!) Here, Ferny-Williams shares the life story of a doll (from the doll's POV of course!) in a glorious paean to the anthropomorphized toys with whom (not which, but whom!) we form lifelong bonds.

"Through Annie's eyes we get the life story of her person-friend Alice. Life's a bit of a roller coaster for Alice. As such, Doll Annie constantly faces the danger of being discarded or outgrown. What a human fear. Annie's life story is a testament of love and devotion. Love her! ”

Scott Sickles (New Play Exchange)

My Moment.jpeg

My Moment


(15-20 Minutes)


Claire’s hard work as a writer (and her husband’s continual support) all comes together when she achieves her dream of being nominated for an Olivier award.

Cast: (1 Male & 1 Female) - Both 30s



Production History:


“This is the final play in the collection "My Chatter"; the series of plays comes full circle round to the beginning, with a glimpse of a playwright once again but this time, her shining moment! Williams knows how to capture the intimacy of a couple and her comedies offer a welcome respite in these troubling times. A great laugh! Williams's collection captures Heather Matarazzo statement perfectly: “I smile so much at the theater my face hurts when I leave.” Applause to the playwright Rachel Feeny-Williams!”

Nora Louise Syran (New Play Exchange)

“I loved this play! It was heartwarming and hilarious. The love and support of Claire's husband was absolutely endearing. The ending is an inspired dream for any writer, and any spouse.”

Monique C. Aldred (New Play Exchange)

“RACHEL FEENY-WILLIAMS has nicely captured the anxiety a playwright can feel as they find out what others think of their work. “My Moment” is a heartwarming play of the importance of a supportive spouse, the impact of the critics, and the highs and lows from the feedback a writer receives”

Jack Levine (New Play Exchange)

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