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About Me

I am a thirty-six year old playwright based in Exeter, UK. I have been writing, self-producing and selling plays for fifteen years, following the completion of a degree in Creative and Performing Arts at Liverpool Hope University.


Over the past ten years my work has been produced many times in my local area of Devon, as well as across the United Kingdom and in the USA. In 2021 my piece "Believe Me" also won an award for 'Best Original Script' in the Exmouth One Act Play Festival and the extended version of the play is also scheduled to be released by Next Stage Press in May 2024.

As well as my own writing, I also run a group called ‘The Literary and Discourse Society’ who meet every Sunday on Zoom to read plays exclusively written by members. The society has been running weekly since June 2020 and now has a following of writers from across the world.

In January 2023, I started an audio play podcast entitled "Theatrical Shenanigans" where I was able to showcase the works of other playwrights by re-producing their scripts as audio plays and then having a chat about said plays with a guest from the theatre world! The podcast now has over 50 live episodes and listeners all over the world.

My main love of writing is to challenge myself and for that reason I have completed five 'play a day' challenges since February 2021, taking my total catalogue of work to 209 plays and 17 monologues.

28 Plays Later - February 2021 - This was a challenge created by 'The Literary Challenge' in which they sent out a brief every day and the challenge was to write a play based on that brief.

Let's Write - April 2021 - Following my enjoyment of the first challenge I created a challenge of my own to write a play a day inspired by a GIF.

Words, Words, Words! - September 2021 - As my final challenge of 2021 I started the 'Words, Words, Words' challenge to write a play a day inspired by a random word.

New Year, New Words - January 2022 - As with 'Words, Words, Words' this challenge was to write a play a day inspired by a word.

Worth a Thousand Words - June 2022 - This challenge was to write a piece every day inspired by a picture. This challenge was where I was able to finally achieve my goal of not only writing a play a day but totalling over 100,000 words!

28 Plays Later - February 2023 -  My second completion of the 28 Plays Later challenge but this time I decided to make it a bit more challenging for myself by aiming for 100,000 words, which I accomplished.

29 Plays Later - February 2024 - With the competition reaching its final year I decided to take part one last time, making my third completion in four years.

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