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Previous Productions

Productions of my work recorded as audio plays or video recordings on YouTube.


An Evening of Original Plays

In October 2022 Exton Drama Club performed four of my short plays:
"Tidy Away My Soul"

"The Ladies of the Colourful Society"

"Mother Knows Best"

"Scandals and Scones"

The Ultimate Christmas Question
(Audio Play)

In December 2022 "Gather by the Ghost Light" produced my piece "The Ultimate Christmas Question" as an audio play.


Believe Me
(Four Part Audio Series)

In October 2022, with the assistance of a fabulous cast, I brought my full length play "Believe Me" to life in the form of our 4 part audio series on YouTube.

Eggs in the Morning (YouTube Recording)

The performance of "Eggs in the Morning" as performed by Tiny Theatre on 18th May 2022 edited for YouTube.


The Vengeful Road (YouTube Recording)

The performance of "The Vengeful Road" as performed by Tiny Theatre on 18th May 2022 edited for YouTube.

Would You? (Production Recording)

Recorded performance of my play "Would You?" as performed students of The Kinkaid School in Houston, Texas, USA and directed by Scott Altsuler.

would you.png
good seats.JPG

The Good Seats (Audio Play)

A self-produced audio production of my short play "The Good Seats"

Who Me? (A Short Film)

My monologue "Who Me?" was converted into a short film by Next Generation Films (Directed by Graham Sessions).

who me.JPG

Writer's Block

To celebrate the 85th Meeting of my play reading group "The Literary and Discourse Society", I read and recorded my monologue "Writer's Block"

Would You? (Audio Production)

Audio Production produced for YouTube by Talisman Theatre.

would you.JPG
interview terminated.JPG

Interview Terminated (Promo Video)

Created by Colwyn Abbey Players ahead of them taking the play to Drama Association of Wales’ One-Act Festival Competition in April 2022.

It's an Honour Mr Shakespeare (Talisman Theatre)

Audio play production of "It's an Honour Mr Shakespeare" done by Talisman Theatre - 20th February 2022.

Mr Shakespeare.png
Shouting In The Evening (1).png

No More Tea?
(Shouting in the Evening Podcast)

A Podcast recording of the short piece "No More Tea" done for 'Shouting in the Evening' - 12th January 2022

Not a Problem (Virtual Reading)

An Online festive reading of "Not a Problem" performed by Dramatic Chaos - 3rd December 2021

Not a problem.png
not a problem1.png

Not a Problem (Audio Play)

An audio creation following the online reading of this piece - 21st December 2021

The Duck Did it! (Audio Play)

An audio creation following the online reading of this piece - 19th October 2021.

The Duck did it!.JPG
next gen.png

Cast One Male (Production Recording)

A recording of the dress rehearsal of the production done by Next Generation Theatre Company. - 14th October 2021

Caged (Audio Play)

An audio creation following the online reading of this piece - 4th October 2021

ssand over60.png

Secrets, Sex and Over 60 (Audio Play)

A Free Theatre Company Production Produced and Directed by Rob Chantler where they have produced my full length play "Secrets, Sex and Over 60" as an audio play - 11th September 2021

Dream Girl (Audio Play)

An audio creation following the online reading of this piece. - 30th August 2021


Betrayal (YouTube)

A Virtual Production on YouTube by Spoonie Theatre. - 26th August 2021.

Dream Girl (Online Reading)

This is the original reading of Dream Girl, done by Surfside Playhouse when it won their 10 minute play competition in July 2021.


Interview Terminated (Audio Play)

This is the audio play created by Bartholomew Players.

The Meeting (Audio Play)

An audio creation following the live performance of this show.


Cast: 1 Male (YouTube)

Recording of the Sunrise Festival Production from July 2021.
The David Evans Court Theatre, Tring

Interview Terminated (Radio Broadcast)

The Broadcast of The Bartholomew Players production in Box Office Radio's "Play of the Week" slot.

Curtains Down.png

Curtains Down (Live Production)

Live production in January 2014 at The Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter as part of the "From Devon with Love" Festival.

Suffocating (Live Production)

My first self produced production. Recorded at Liverpool Hope University in March 2008. Split into 6 parts.


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